The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

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The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

Celebrating 10 Years!

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 04/06/14

It was ten years ago on April 8th that Paula, Lori and Ronny opened the doors to Salon Sur la Rue.  The kitchen was not yet finished.  The refrigerator was out on the cutting floor, plugged in and running.  We had coffee and wine available for our clients.  We were open for business!  It was such a memorable day.
One month later, May 8th, Mila joined us.  We were now four.  It was a good balance.  Mila brought dresses and heels to the salon.  We were a foursome for a couple of we are 8.  It is still a good balance.  We bask in our good fortune.  We get to come together at work.  We are an unexpected, cohesive group. I know I speak for rest when I say we all adore each other.  We will celebrate that on this coming Tuesday.  But, most important, we shall celebrate everyone of our clients who have stood by us and made this day possible.  For that we Thank You!

Two Left Feet

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 11/06/13

It was exactly at 4pm yesterday afternoon, that Amy bent over to blow dry hair away from her cutting chair.  While in her inverted state, she realized that she had worked the entire day with 2 different pair of shoes on.  Her left foot donned a solid brown sensible shoe while her right foot appeared to be wearing a shoe with a maniacal print on it.    The differences in the shoes was by no means subtle.  We were all working as she stood up and said "hasn't anybody noticed my shoes don't match"?   It seems funny that until her outburst, none of us noticed her "situation", as Paula would call it.  Once pointed out to all of us it became quite a focal point to all our conversations.  We will see what she comes up with tomorrow.

Christmas comes early at Salon Sur La Rue

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 11/06/13

It seemed it was a night like any other.  A Sunday night in downtown San Mateo.  The Salon was celebrating Christmas at a little bistro on 4th Ave.
All seven of us arrived by our 6pm reservation.  We sat at the bar, ordered a round of cocktails and engaged in polite conversation.  After a few minutes we were escorted to our table.  We were a handsome group...dressed in holiday attire, Giovanni in a pinstripe suit.
We took our places at our table.  Another round of cocktails were ordered.  Our waiter left before I could order the group some appetizers.  I, for one, know the folly of a 2nd round on 7 empty stomachs.  The cocktails were promptly delivered.  The appetizers were not.  What happened next could only be explained as "events that were beyond our control".   A cacophony of laughter and wails could be heard throughout the restaurant emanating from our little group.  This was made evident when our waiter came in and shut the sliding glass divider.  We were not offended.  To the contrary, in our state of hysteria, we were encouraged and emboldened, as the inebriated often are
Appetizers finally were eaten and dinner arrived.  Wine was brought.  To our waiters vexation, we were not quieting down.  The chaos ensued, the waiter entered, took 6 photos of the group, turned out the light and escorted us to the door.  Paula was heard saying "lets hold our heads up high".  We did.  But that still doesn't change the fact that we were properly kicked out.
What is apparent to me now, is that we all needed to blow off steam.  And that we did!  We have had a year of health worries, children worries,  losing parents... We share our hardships in the back room, while mixing color or taking a 5 minute lunch break. We are fortunate to have each other to lean on.  So on Sunday night we didn't just wreak havoc, we didn't just get kicked out of a restaurant, we kicked off our Christmas Season.

Fall in the Salon

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 11/06/13

As much as I love Summer, I love the Fall more.  This time of year always has me full of anticipation.   Boxes seem to be arriving daily with new surprises.  Paula and I have forgotten what we ordered at the February Gift Show. So, upon opening a box it already feels like Christmas.
I know it is early to be thinking about the Fall but it brings a new energy to our shop. We love the change in the air.  It may be more subtle here on the West Coast but it is there none-the-less.  You will definitely notice the feel of Fall when you walk in The Salon door. We have a plethora of scarves, candles, gift item...If you are not ready for Fall, we will help you arrive there when you come for your appt.  Our tangerine margaritas have lifted many a clients spirits.   See you soon.

The Holidays are upon us once again

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 12/05/12

Paula and Ronny decorated the Salon the weekend before Thanksgiving, as is our tradition. We strung up the lights, the wreaths and the garlands. We decorated the moldings, the mirrors and chandeliers. The stockings were hung by the mantel with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. We don't think he has yet, but that night the salon had 3 little elves that stopped in to partake in the magic of our Christmas Decor. Renata, who recently joined our staff, and her twin boys were driving by the shop that night. The shop in all its resplendence beckoned them. They parked and entered, excited to see the Salon bedecked and ready for The Holidays.


by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 02/22/12

Amy (one of our stylists) contributed a Keurig coffee maker to the salon. She had given it to her husband for Christmas and he did not like it. We were all thrilled. I immediately called Amy's husband to let him know how pleased we were that he did not like his Christmas gift. He explained to me that he was a man of traditions. He liked the ritual of making coffee and the brewing of it. We too, like our traditions at the Salon ie; the Salon bedecked at Christmas, Margarita Thursdays, wine for our clients in the late afternoons... but we also like a fresh cup of coffee. Anyway, Amy was hard at work, not aware of our excitement or in need of any accolades for her huge contribution. Meanwhile, Mila and Linda were seen, at every available moment, hovering around the coffee area. They drank more coffee on that day than I thought was humanly possible. I think their productivity even increased. They put the pods in, they stood and watched the coffee flow and then discussed what an imporvement it was over the old Folgers infused coffee pot. Another successful day at the Salon.

Thank You!!

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 02/13/12

Salon Sur La Rue is celebrating 8 years of business as of April 8, 2012. You may not have noticed on your last few visits how worn our original chairs were becoming. A few even lost a limb. They were becoming unsightly and dulled from all the years of excess hairspray, oilspray and just general wear and tear. We have finally purchased new chairs. After 8 years of business you have worn them out. For that we thank you. If you haven't been in to enjoy our new stylists chairs you should book appointments immediately, so you can be one of the first. Our chairs are still black, but many are enjoying the increased lumbar support. Everyone seems to be happier.
While on the subject of improvements, we have changed out our light bulbs. They are all the LED bulbs. While this was a very expensive endeaver, it has been well worth it. All of you are looking more beautiful in this new, more natural lighting. But even more importantly, the shop is not so hot. This will be a bonus come September.

Sensible Shoes

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 08/01/11

Our shoes in the salon have become progressively uglier.  Indeed, a sad fact of salon life.  Amy, one of our stylists, seems to be on the cutting edge of the cutest "ugly shoes".  As we have exhausted the sensible shoe circuit, Danska, Merrill, Naturalizer, Bjorn... we have realized our feet's own mortality.  Walk into the shop unannounced and you are guaranteed to see a "cute shoe" graveyard.  You will see faux crocodile, fur-lined clogs, patent leather... you just won't see cute.  We suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and nueromas... but we're still standing. 

*We must point out that Mila is the exception to the above statement.  She and her shoes always look cute! 


It's The Small Things....

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 12/10/10

It was a day like all others.  Being December, the salon was resplendent with Christmas. All 6 stylists were busy on Thursday as we shoveled down our lunches, complained about our feet and who was working the latest.  The front desk needed constant attention with clients buying Christmas gifts. Clients filled every available seat, bedecked with color, the shampoo bowls were in use most of the day and the garbage cans were overflowing.  As stated earlier, a typical day at Salon Sur la Rue.  By 2pm the salon was showing signs of wear. 

At 4pm, the evening clients commence.  The wine is opened, there is a new life brought into the salon.  Clients are happy to be wrapping up their day.  They know the drill.  Put on a drape, grab their favorite trash magazine (make their proclamation once again that they only catch-up on Brad, Angelina, Suri, The Kardashians...when they come into Salon Sur la Rue.  We always believe them.)

So last evening, around 5pm, the salon was bustling, I have Jane under the dryer while I talk to Joan about her color.  I head down the hallway to mix Joan's colorBefore I get into the kitchen, it is I, which have the misfortune of a run-in with an unknown leaving the bathroom.  She is distressed and I am soon to be.  Apparently, as she explains to me, a situation had befallen her.  I shall not share the most intimate details that were prevailed upon me, but the toilet was overflowing.  It was ugly.  Why me?  Why couldn't I have been a few minutes longer talking to Joan?  The tragedy was my responsibility by the mere circumstance of my timing.  

I quickly tried to alleviate our crestfallen interloper's angst.   I did not need to relive the moments leading up to the horrific event with her.  She was trying to clean up the bathroom and informed me that she had plunged many times with no success.  I informed her that I would try my hand at it and than most likely call a plumber.  I had to work fast.  I had client's backing up and the bathroom is a huge commodity in the salon.

I took our visitor up front to write-up her purchases, which brought her into our establishment in the first place.  I gave her the total for her candles and such, when she spotted a Christmas decoration, which would be perfect for her table.  She picked up the reindeer longingly, looked at the price and said "Do I get a discount on this"?

As soon as she left, and the reindeer was back in it's place, I called the plumber.  Upon hanging up, my client Joan, informed me that I should try a half a cup of liquid soap, followed by a bucket of hot water poured from up high into the toilet.  With Joan's coaching I tried this simple remedy.  Joan and I waited a few minutes, she grabbed the plunger and bingo down went the water!  Such excitement.  I quickly cancelled the plumber.

We are beholden to Joan in our time of need.  Not only did her solution save us a plumber but also her enthusiastic plunging was unprecedented.  Paula came forth with a candle as a thank you.  Apparently it's the small things... Joan went home happy and beautiful 


by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 09/19/10

     As most of you know we at Salon Sur la Rue, have a front and a back door.  When we open those doors, we immediately feel a breeze blowing though our Salon and carried on that breeze... is found a bevy of unique individuals. 

    Last Thursday we were visited by one of our favorite unique individuals.   He visits us every 2 weeks, as he is one of our reps.  We get the update on his life and he on ours.  Always before leaving our establishment he graces us with an "I'm living the dream".  Upon leaving us on Thursday he stopped at our front door and turned back to the room and loudly said "LTD" and off he went.   Those of us left in our busy space weren't sure if this was an acronym for "Living the Dream" or just Limited.        

     Every Salon has a Doug.  Ours came in Thursday am for his 5 week haircut.  He, being kind of a big shot (BS) in the hi-tech world, was impressed with our website.  He wanted to know who our webdesigner was.  Once she was identified, he had nothing but accolades for Paula.  He also said he would enjoy a blog on everyday life in our crazy, busy Salon.  We do hear and see it all in our beloved workplace. 

     By Thursday evening, clients were in the mood for margaritas.  With $20 in my hand and a dash across the street I returned with the party.  Thursday was one of those days that you wish you had known when you left for work, what a delightful day it would become.  Thank you to all you Thursday clients for helping us "LTD"

     BTW  Doug, this one's for you.