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Celebrating 10 Years!

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 04/06/14

It was ten years ago on April 8th that Paula, Lori and Ronny opened the doors to Salon Sur la Rue.  The kitchen was not yet finished.  The refrigerator was out on the cutting floor, plugged in and running.  We had coffee and wine available for our clients.  We were open for business!  It was such a memorable day.
One month later, May 8th, Mila joined us.  We were now four.  It was a good balance.  Mila brought dresses and heels to the salon.  We were a foursome for a couple of years......now we are 8.  It is still a good balance.  We bask in our good fortune.  We get to come together at work.  We are an unexpected, cohesive group. I know I speak for rest when I say we all adore each other.  We will celebrate that on this coming Tuesday.  But, most important, we shall celebrate everyone of our clients who have stood by us and made this day possible.  For that we Thank You!

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1. Amy said on 4/8/14 - 08:10AM
Well said!!! Love working with all of you, work is the easy part of my week and I love the company!! Thanks for allowing me to be part of Salon Sur La Rue! Cheers to 10 years!
2. Janet said on 4/8/14 - 07:19PM
Happy Anniversary! What a lovely coincidence! April 8 is my birthday. I must thank you for helping me as I try to age gracefully. It's an enormous task but I wouldn't be coming to you regularly if I didn't think you were up to it!

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