Christmas comes early at Salon Sur La Rue : The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

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Christmas comes early at Salon Sur La Rue

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 11/06/13

It seemed it was a night like any other.  A Sunday night in downtown San Mateo.  The Salon was celebrating Christmas at a little bistro on 4th Ave.
All seven of us arrived by our 6pm reservation.  We sat at the bar, ordered a round of cocktails and engaged in polite conversation.  After a few minutes we were escorted to our table.  We were a handsome group...dressed in holiday attire, Giovanni in a pinstripe suit.
We took our places at our table.  Another round of cocktails were ordered.  Our waiter left before I could order the group some appetizers.  I, for one, know the folly of a 2nd round on 7 empty stomachs.  The cocktails were promptly delivered.  The appetizers were not.  What happened next could only be explained as "events that were beyond our control".   A cacophony of laughter and wails could be heard throughout the restaurant emanating from our little group.  This was made evident when our waiter came in and shut the sliding glass divider.  We were not offended.  To the contrary, in our state of hysteria, we were encouraged and emboldened, as the inebriated often are
Appetizers finally were eaten and dinner arrived.  Wine was brought.  To our waiters vexation, we were not quieting down.  The chaos ensued, the waiter entered, took 6 photos of the group, turned out the light and escorted us to the door.  Paula was heard saying "lets hold our heads up high".  We did.  But that still doesn't change the fact that we were properly kicked out.
What is apparent to me now, is that we all needed to blow off steam.  And that we did!  We have had a year of health worries, children worries,  losing parents... We share our hardships in the back room, while mixing color or taking a 5 minute lunch break. We are fortunate to have each other to lean on.  So on Sunday night we didn't just wreak havoc, we didn't just get kicked out of a restaurant, we kicked off our Christmas Season.

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1. Amy Bergstrom said on 11/6/13 - 05:09PM
So well put!!!! What a fabulous night, funny as all get out! Do love you ladies and gentleman!
2. Joan Newell said on 11/7/13 - 06:52AM
Paula, did you really think Mom wouldn't find this out?? Hmmm, and people used to think she was the quiet one:)
3. Renata said on 11/8/13 - 07:40AM
Love the way you write, Ronny! We certainly know how to kick things off!!! So fun.

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