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It's The Small Things....

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 12/10/10

It was a day like all others.  Being December, the salon was resplendent with Christmas. All 6 stylists were busy on Thursday as we shoveled down our lunches, complained about our feet and who was working the latest.  The front desk needed constant attention with clients buying Christmas gifts. Clients filled every available seat, bedecked with color, the shampoo bowls were in use most of the day and the garbage cans were overflowing.  As stated earlier, a typical day at Salon Sur la Rue.  By 2pm the salon was showing signs of wear. 

At 4pm, the evening clients commence.  The wine is opened, there is a new life brought into the salon.  Clients are happy to be wrapping up their day.  They know the drill.  Put on a drape, grab their favorite trash magazine (make their proclamation once again that they only catch-up on Brad, Angelina, Suri, The Kardashians...when they come into Salon Sur la Rue.  We always believe them.)

So last evening, around 5pm, the salon was bustling, I have Jane under the dryer while I talk to Joan about her color.  I head down the hallway to mix Joan's colorBefore I get into the kitchen, it is I, which have the misfortune of a run-in with an unknown leaving the bathroom.  She is distressed and I am soon to be.  Apparently, as she explains to me, a situation had befallen her.  I shall not share the most intimate details that were prevailed upon me, but the toilet was overflowing.  It was ugly.  Why me?  Why couldn't I have been a few minutes longer talking to Joan?  The tragedy was my responsibility by the mere circumstance of my timing.  

I quickly tried to alleviate our crestfallen interloper's angst.   I did not need to relive the moments leading up to the horrific event with her.  She was trying to clean up the bathroom and informed me that she had plunged many times with no success.  I informed her that I would try my hand at it and than most likely call a plumber.  I had to work fast.  I had client's backing up and the bathroom is a huge commodity in the salon.

I took our visitor up front to write-up her purchases, which brought her into our establishment in the first place.  I gave her the total for her candles and such, when she spotted a Christmas decoration, which would be perfect for her table.  She picked up the reindeer longingly, looked at the price and said "Do I get a discount on this"?

As soon as she left, and the reindeer was back in it's place, I called the plumber.  Upon hanging up, my client Joan, informed me that I should try a half a cup of liquid soap, followed by a bucket of hot water poured from up high into the toilet.  With Joan's coaching I tried this simple remedy.  Joan and I waited a few minutes, she grabbed the plunger and bingo down went the water!  Such excitement.  I quickly cancelled the plumber.

We are beholden to Joan in our time of need.  Not only did her solution save us a plumber but also her enthusiastic plunging was unprecedented.  Paula came forth with a candle as a thank you.  Apparently it's the small things... Joan went home happy and beautiful 

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1. Joan said on 12/11/10 - 12:50PM
Its so nice to feel appreciated. I guess I just happened to have an appointment at the right time. I've been going to Salon Sur La Rue for so long that it almost feels like home to me. So of course I would share my "toilet unclogging" secrets with my friend Ronny. The soap also left the toilet nice and clean.

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