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11 41st Avenue
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by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 09/19/10

     As most of you know we at Salon Sur la Rue, have a front and a back door.  When we open those doors, we immediately feel a breeze blowing though our Salon and carried on that breeze... is found a bevy of unique individuals. 

    Last Thursday we were visited by one of our favorite unique individuals.   He visits us every 2 weeks, as he is one of our reps.  We get the update on his life and he on ours.  Always before leaving our establishment he graces us with an "I'm living the dream".  Upon leaving us on Thursday he stopped at our front door and turned back to the room and loudly said "LTD" and off he went.   Those of us left in our busy space weren't sure if this was an acronym for "Living the Dream" or just Limited.        

     Every Salon has a Doug.  Ours came in Thursday am for his 5 week haircut.  He, being kind of a big shot (BS) in the hi-tech world, was impressed with our website.  He wanted to know who our webdesigner was.  Once she was identified, he had nothing but accolades for Paula.  He also said he would enjoy a blog on everyday life in our crazy, busy Salon.  We do hear and see it all in our beloved workplace. 

     By Thursday evening, clients were in the mood for margaritas.  With $20 in my hand and a dash across the street I returned with the party.  Thursday was one of those days that you wish you had known when you left for work, what a delightful day it would become.  Thank you to all you Thursday clients for helping us "LTD"

     BTW  Doug, this one's for you.

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1. olivia said on 9/19/10 - 02:58PM
More stories please!
2. Dirk said on 10/26/10 - 04:36PM
Living the Dream is always a little easier when I'm visiting Salon Sur La Rue! LTD ladies! ;)
3. DowntownDiva said on 11/22/10 - 08:01AM
Salon sur la Rue is just a lovely place. Not gossipy like my last salon. You girls are just so nice. I just with that you were a full service salon where I could really get the kind of pampering I need just to keep up with everyday life. Maybe you could even serve wine like you do at your wonderful boutique events (but please, not the stuff that comes in a box!)
4. Salon Sur La Rue said on 12/13/10 - 02:47PM
DowntownDiva, Thanks for the nice comments! We are glad that you like our little place. We do serve wine every afternoon. If your Stylist forgets to offer it, just ask... Thanks again, SSLR

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