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Sensible Shoes

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 08/01/11

Our shoes in the salon have become progressively uglier.  Indeed, a sad fact of salon life.  Amy, one of our stylists, seems to be on the cutting edge of the cutest "ugly shoes".  As we have exhausted the sensible shoe circuit, Danska, Merrill, Naturalizer, Bjorn... we have realized our feet's own mortality.  Walk into the shop unannounced and you are guaranteed to see a "cute shoe" graveyard.  You will see faux crocodile, fur-lined clogs, patent leather... you just won't see cute.  We suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and nueromas... but we're still standing. 

*We must point out that Mila is the exception to the above statement.  She and her shoes always look cute! 


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1. Amy said on 11/20/11 - 01:41PM
LOL! So true..but dang it, I thought my uglies were passing as kinda cute!!!
2. Salon Sur La Rue said on 12/9/11 - 05:15PM
Amy, yours are always the cutest of the uglies...

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