Thank You!! : The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

11 41st Avenue
San Mateo, Ca 94403

Thank You!!

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 02/13/12

Salon Sur La Rue is celebrating 8 years of business as of April 8, 2012. You may not have noticed on your last few visits how worn our original chairs were becoming. A few even lost a limb. They were becoming unsightly and dulled from all the years of excess hairspray, oilspray and just general wear and tear. We have finally purchased new chairs. After 8 years of business you have worn them out. For that we thank you. If you haven't been in to enjoy our new stylists chairs you should book appointments immediately, so you can be one of the first. Our chairs are still black, but many are enjoying the increased lumbar support. Everyone seems to be happier.
While on the subject of improvements, we have changed out our light bulbs. They are all the LED bulbs. While this was a very expensive endeaver, it has been well worth it. All of you are looking more beautiful in this new, more natural lighting. But even more importantly, the shop is not so hot. This will be a bonus come September.

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