Traditions... : The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

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by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 02/22/12

Amy (one of our stylists) contributed a Keurig coffee maker to the salon. She had given it to her husband for Christmas and he did not like it. We were all thrilled. I immediately called Amy's husband to let him know how pleased we were that he did not like his Christmas gift. He explained to me that he was a man of traditions. He liked the ritual of making coffee and the brewing of it. We too, like our traditions at the Salon ie; the Salon bedecked at Christmas, Margarita Thursdays, wine for our clients in the late afternoons... but we also like a fresh cup of coffee. Anyway, Amy was hard at work, not aware of our excitement or in need of any accolades for her huge contribution. Meanwhile, Mila and Linda were seen, at every available moment, hovering around the coffee area. They drank more coffee on that day than I thought was humanly possible. I think their productivity even increased. They put the pods in, they stood and watched the coffee flow and then discussed what an imporvement it was over the old Folgers infused coffee pot. Another successful day at the Salon.

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