Two Left Feet : The Comings and Goings at Salon Sur La Rue

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Two Left Feet

by Salon Sur La Rue Staff on 11/06/13

It was exactly at 4pm yesterday afternoon, that Amy bent over to blow dry hair away from her cutting chair.  While in her inverted state, she realized that she had worked the entire day with 2 different pair of shoes on.  Her left foot donned a solid brown sensible shoe while her right foot appeared to be wearing a shoe with a maniacal print on it.    The differences in the shoes was by no means subtle.  We were all working as she stood up and said "hasn't anybody noticed my shoes don't match"?   It seems funny that until her outburst, none of us noticed her "situation", as Paula would call it.  Once pointed out to all of us it became quite a focal point to all our conversations.  We will see what she comes up with tomorrow.

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1. Renaldita said on 11/7/13 - 01:18PM
I must present the unasked question of what event in Amy's life has so enraptured her attention that she first clothe herself in two different shoes and then unreasonably look to outward sources to explain her oversight. Let us all pray for Amy.

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